Saturday, March 10, 2012

Schrödinger's Fear

I already know what you're thinking: contemplating the existence and psychology of a creature that can at best be compared to a pocket-edition Cthulhu is not a very sane thing to do. My apologies, and let it be stated here that I do not expect anything good of it in the future- not that I can stop once the cage is rattled.

But it strikes me as odd- this "Construct" (ugh typing that feels so unnatu- wait.) is not bound by the same dimensional travel limitations as the rest of us, right? So our mutual Tallish Friend can be at any point in spacetime, provided that the location fulfills the unknown prerequisites, anyway.

So can TPF ever overlap HHIZ own timeline? Is there some rule or force preventing zirlikschten (not gonna use that one again, lest I screw it up...) from being in two places in the 3rd Dimension at once, given that the complete transcendence of the 4th is already more than possible?
And are there periods where TPF just doesn't exist within spacetime at all?
If so, then where does zi (nope... not using that one again either, my apologies to Ms. Elaine in particular) go during those periods? Anywhere? Maybe the same dimension as that Path of Black Leaves thing, given that they're so close? If so, does that mean the Path can be used to travel or at least glimpse backwards or forwards in time, relative to us? If not (to that last one, still doing this linearly like an idiot), does that mean the Path does have its own relevant time, meaning it exists at a point relative to our 3rd Dimension?

And that's where the train of thought derails, I get the feeling that anyone with experience will just repeat 'no' reading it.
If any human with the necessary experience exists.

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  1. Dunno. I only know of... two living, (more or less) sane people who could and might be willing to answer that for you.

    One of them is rather busy at the moment. But Konaa's used the Path a couple times.