Saturday, March 31, 2012


A lot's going on these days. Murder. Kidnapping. More murder. More death on the way.

Been so caught up with the excitement, I only noticed yesterday the lovely little note that (I assume) the previous intruder left for me. Seems very trite by comparison.
I mean really, a cryptic message? Not even one that would freak me out any. I've been waist-deep in these gimmicks for long enough that that's just... ugh. Amateur.

I assume he must have tried taping it to the front door some time in the last week or just left it at the doorstep or something? Dunno. It got swept out into the dirt.
It was on the back of a photograph of me leaving class. There were a bunch of numbers written in Sharpie, all the zeros X'd out for maximum dickery, just in case I forgot. Not gonna rewrite them, I already translated it, it's just more of that uninspired run-of-the-mill "Father is watching" etc. crap.
Is this guy doing things out of order? Pretty sure you give out the warning notes and stuff before breaking in.

Unless he was setting up for later when he broke in before, rather than waiting for me like I originally thought, and this is the first thing I was SUPPOSED to notice. Created such a mess, it wouldn't be hard to hide some addition to spook me with later. Guess I'm spending another spring break at home, searching high and low for something unusual that may or may not even exist.
Speaking of unusual stuff lying around, I suppose I should mention that since I started working on this blog, I've been working on some improvised devices for any future Proxy-or-Slender-related activity in my house.
Kinda the reason I knew the door was unlocked before, one of said devices, a little hook on the doorknob. Simple, yet surprisingly effective.
Thinking my next project will be some kind of alarm system for unconscious nocturnal activity.
Maybe using those poppers for New Years' parties? We've got a ton of those lying around.

Those little streamers will be a pain to clean up though.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The First Questions of Spring

Can you die if you haven't lived? If you've done nothing worth remembering?

If you're immortal in memory, are you truly killed when forgotten?

Is forgetting really a form of cruel and unusual punishment?

If you aren't remembered, did you ever exist at all?

Can one enjoy killing you if you don't exist yet?

Why are they called Canadians when they're not from Canadia?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Claustrophobia, and Test Results #1

FINALLY they're all gone! Now I can get to work on the quiz for the month!
Yeah... I should probably explain that first...
So yesterday was Pi Day. All a big joke in this area, really. Course I was too busy answering questions to do any eating of pies.
Remember when I said before that no proxies had come by yet? Congratulations to me then on my first.
I came home after class yesterday and funnily enough, the door to the house was unlocked. Normally this wouldn't be so unusual if my mother hadn't been out at the vet's office with the dogs (her car wasn't even in the driveway, and there was no barking).
I went over to my neighbor's place across the street and called the police- I've already mentioned the house was well-stocked with armaments, I'm not going inside alone when someone could take a sword off the wall and skewer me. Sure enough, squad car shows up, cops go in, ten minutes later a guy in a hoodie with (X) symbols on the back takes a flying leap over the fence and flees the neighborhood. Nobody caught up with him of course, which only serves to reassure me of the law enforcement system.
You know all those shows where someone becomes a vigilante because the police can't be trusted or are corrupt or can't handle 'the conspiracy'? Not so much of a case here; they're just kind of incompetent.
So we were asked some very vague questions (for the umpteenth time, no, I don't think he took anything Mr. Uniform), some guys (I'm really hoping they were CSI and not grifters) show up and take a bunch of pictures of the mess and all of the... art... he made on the walls, then we had painters in this morning, but they're gone now! So I have access to my computer again!
And of course since I'm here, it's been a month since I wrote up the quizzes to begin with, so time to give it a test run!

Has anyone else outright called you 'insane', 'crazy', 'creepy', or a similar term for something you did? Yup.
--> Would you agree with their assessment in that context? I can understand why they thought so.
Have you simply found yourself saying "I know it sounds crazy, but..." or similar phrases? Nope.
Have you had an unusual number of nightmares, lucid dreams, or other abnormal REM occurrences? Now that I think about it, I had a pretty lucid dream last night...
--> If you weren't prone to it prior to exposure, have you been sleepwalking? Only if waking up on the floor of my room in front of the door counts. Which with my luck it probably does.
Have you been having what you can only describe as 'visions'? Nope.
Have you been receiving unusual sensory input, such as hearing voices/ticking or seeing creatures/figures that nobody else could hear or see?
Not really.
Have you spoken to yourself in public? All the time.
--> Did this draw serious attention from other people?
Not recently.
--> Did this devolve into an argument with yourself?
Nothing serious.
Have you spoken to inanimate objects? Nope.
Have you found yourself repeating a single phrase at least three times within as many breaths? Nope.
Have you found yourself writing in code when it was either ridiculously easy to crack or unnecessary to begin with? Umm... no?
Have you had any violent mood swings?
Have you recently experienced any significant changes in your mood that lasted for an extended period?
Changes? Not really.
Have you noticed changes in your own eating behavior? Nope.
Have you made any significant changes to your wardrobe or style of dress?
...I bought a new pair of shoes, but I doubt that counts...
Have you recently found yourself unusually bitter towards or paranoid of your close friends and colleagues?
UNUSUALLY, no. USUALLY... a tad.
--> Have you seriously wished harm upon them? Nope.
Have you found yourself simply paranoid of everyday social interactions?
Have you spent abnormal amounts of time scanning scenery for potential foes while out and about? 
I wouldn't have thought so before yesterday.
Have you believed there was a conspiracy to kill you, someone you know, or an iconic figure?
I probably should start thinking that now, shouldn't I?
Have you simply 'felt the presence' of Tall Pale and Faceless, another Fear, or any other supernatural forces/creatures without any other sensory input?
Have you believed you had any abnormal abilities for a human?
Heh, I wish.
Have you ever believed yourself to be something 'more than human'? Nope.
Have you threatened to kill anybody?
Not outright.
Have you ACTUALLY killed anybody?
Have you contemplated methods of homicide or harming others, without any particular target in mind?
--> Could such methods be considered 'unusual' or 'creative'?
I like to think so.
--> Could such methods be considered 'inhumane'?
I don't like to think so.
Have you simply felt apathetic towards the painful misfortune of others?
No. More just... very confused by the events leading up to them.
Have you delighted in the painful misfortune of others? See previous.
While awake, have you had periods of complete unresponsiveness to the physical world? While daydreaming.
Have you had extended periods of uncontrollable twitching for no explicable reason?
Only when joking. Hence that 'creepy' commentary above.
Have you had extended periods of disorientation or lapsed memory while awake?
"Lapsed memory" is also usual, but nothing like a blackout.
Have you indiscriminately considered yourself superior to strangers or colleagues?
Not indiscriminately, but I do consider myself more intelligent than most of my classmates, although this is one of those 'hard to confirm or refute' cases. Otherwise, no.
--> Have you ever called them your minions, underlings, or other derivatives of servant? No, but I feel like I should now. Mua. Ha. Ha.
Have you acted like you are, or believed yourself to be under the age that your legal documentation (i.e. birth certificate) says you are? I think I've done a decent job of handling things maturely.
Have you found yourself singing or humming a song to yourself that was inappropriate for the situation (i.e. a cheery tune while fighting or killing people)? Nope.
Have you had periods where you found yourself unable to stop making puns? Noooooo.
Have you had periods of simply wanting to bellow out maniacal laughter? All the time.

...Right then.
No idea what to do now.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Schrödinger's Fear

I already know what you're thinking: contemplating the existence and psychology of a creature that can at best be compared to a pocket-edition Cthulhu is not a very sane thing to do. My apologies, and let it be stated here that I do not expect anything good of it in the future- not that I can stop once the cage is rattled.

But it strikes me as odd- this "Construct" (ugh typing that feels so unnatu- wait.) is not bound by the same dimensional travel limitations as the rest of us, right? So our mutual Tallish Friend can be at any point in spacetime, provided that the location fulfills the unknown prerequisites, anyway.

So can TPF ever overlap HHIZ own timeline? Is there some rule or force preventing zirlikschten (not gonna use that one again, lest I screw it up...) from being in two places in the 3rd Dimension at once, given that the complete transcendence of the 4th is already more than possible?
And are there periods where TPF just doesn't exist within spacetime at all?
If so, then where does zi (nope... not using that one again either, my apologies to Ms. Elaine in particular) go during those periods? Anywhere? Maybe the same dimension as that Path of Black Leaves thing, given that they're so close? If so, does that mean the Path can be used to travel or at least glimpse backwards or forwards in time, relative to us? If not (to that last one, still doing this linearly like an idiot), does that mean the Path does have its own relevant time, meaning it exists at a point relative to our 3rd Dimension?

And that's where the train of thought derails, I get the feeling that anyone with experience will just repeat 'no' reading it.
If any human with the necessary experience exists.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Funny Aneurysm Moment

You know what's fun? When your peers and fellow students are discussing Our Mutual Tallish Friend just within earshot of you during class, unaware of your experiences.
Really, what are you supposed to do then? Pipe up with "hey, don't joke about that, people have died fighting or running from the bugger"? Or even just anything along the lines of "don't talk about it"- God forbid they think you believe it or that you're crazy.
Not even sure what to think of it really. On the one-hand, they're awfully annoying. On the other, being Stalked isn't funny. And on the other, I really should keep an eye on how many hands I have.

But then again, TPF doesn't appear to everybody. Just because of that possibility, there will forever remain doubt there's really anything one can do...