Saturday, March 31, 2012


A lot's going on these days. Murder. Kidnapping. More murder. More death on the way.

Been so caught up with the excitement, I only noticed yesterday the lovely little note that (I assume) the previous intruder left for me. Seems very trite by comparison.
I mean really, a cryptic message? Not even one that would freak me out any. I've been waist-deep in these gimmicks for long enough that that's just... ugh. Amateur.

I assume he must have tried taping it to the front door some time in the last week or just left it at the doorstep or something? Dunno. It got swept out into the dirt.
It was on the back of a photograph of me leaving class. There were a bunch of numbers written in Sharpie, all the zeros X'd out for maximum dickery, just in case I forgot. Not gonna rewrite them, I already translated it, it's just more of that uninspired run-of-the-mill "Father is watching" etc. crap.
Is this guy doing things out of order? Pretty sure you give out the warning notes and stuff before breaking in.

Unless he was setting up for later when he broke in before, rather than waiting for me like I originally thought, and this is the first thing I was SUPPOSED to notice. Created such a mess, it wouldn't be hard to hide some addition to spook me with later. Guess I'm spending another spring break at home, searching high and low for something unusual that may or may not even exist.
Speaking of unusual stuff lying around, I suppose I should mention that since I started working on this blog, I've been working on some improvised devices for any future Proxy-or-Slender-related activity in my house.
Kinda the reason I knew the door was unlocked before, one of said devices, a little hook on the doorknob. Simple, yet surprisingly effective.
Thinking my next project will be some kind of alarm system for unconscious nocturnal activity.
Maybe using those poppers for New Years' parties? We've got a ton of those lying around.

Those little streamers will be a pain to clean up though.

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