Monday, January 9, 2012



Last post’s been up long enough now there’s really no point in removing it, especially now that at least two eyes have glanced over it.
Unless Mr. Cage doesn't have two eyes. Which would be interesting. Painful to imagine, possibly cruel to mention, but interesting to ponderofftopic right!
EDIT: Screw it, taking it out anyway for the future. 
Besides, I’m sure there’re other ways to divine my name (and even more personal information) without so much consent, or it would come to light eventually.
So, what’s done is done. All I can do is move forward, as they say! So I may as well expand on what I already began in my last post, to avoid some questions later. Because why not? “Oh whoa, this guy likes pecan pie, let’s bait him into a dark alleyway with free pecan pie and box him in!” Yeah. Right… Pecan's not good enough for a dark alley. Maybe strawberry though.
So just to get the truthfulness out of the way, I live in NARNIA in the city of RL'YEH inside a BAKERY TREE (you know, for Keebler elves!) on a STAR WHALE'S BACK with A UNICORN and A PILE OF CHOKED SMURFS (incidentally, purple) for the past SINCE I STARTED TALKING, attending HOGWARTS occasionally and hoping to get a degree in POKEMON MASTERY. Introductions will be so much easier with that off my chest.
Like I’ve already said, I’ve seen TPF twice. The first time was about 5-6 months ago, although I figured it was just a hallucination at the time; I'm not crazy (mostly), I was having a migraine and figured it was a side-effect. Crazier things have happened, one time under a migraine I thought the community swimming pool was full ofbacktothedamntopic! Second time was a couple weeks ago, (that is the last time I saw Zirlikscht not my last migraine, which is just irrelevant now) and due to the increasing frequency of certain inexplicable incidents, I’ve been considering this option ever since. 
Blogging, I mean. It's hard to remember sometimes that gesturing at the screen means any more than diddly squat when Dear Reader isn't here.
Dear Reader is you, of course. As opposed to a deer reader, which... I don't think exists.
Back on topic, I’ve had this impending sense these past couple weeks that my next sighting will be the death of me. Makes sense given stoppingmyselfbeforeIstartrambling! Point is it’s been making me a little… let’s use the word ‘uneasy’ and work our way up from there.
What else is there to say really? I’ve never been a fan of sports, although my best friend and I have had some success practicing with swords (katana, scimitar, fencing foil, saber, you know, nothing too fancy) and quarterstaves (because we were already beating each other with sticks, of course!), but I'm not particularly confident enough in my abilities for a game of Sword-Spell-Shotgun as I only beat him in a "duel" once, what seems like forever ago; I'm a thinker, not a Fighter. 
He was going to teach me some archery and marksmanship too but… we never really got around to it. It doesn’t help that I don’t have necessarily steady hands…
I like computers, furry animals, and (obviously) swords, basically all three of which I've picked up from my parents… I enjoy music, singing, caffeinated sodas, good food, mythology, and reading fantasy novels. I hate dealing with snakes, public speaking and heights (so basically all of the most common phobias…), and my pet peeves include people taking long pauses when talking, and making irrelevant anecdotes. One could even say I can't stand them have the urge to beat anyone who begins one with a stick.
Another thing to note about having this blog: I can see myself horrendously abusing the ability to make said irrelevant anecdotes.

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  1. Heh, good post, a few things though, just for the sake of helping out. First and most importantly: I have two eyes, my eyes are awesome, one in a million. There's actual scientific evidence to back that up, too. Second, and more relevantly: I won't tell anyone your name if you want to go back and edit it out, but you're right, it's not going to make much of a diffrence one way or another. If proxies want to find you, they'll find you, with or without a name.

    See you around
    - Cage