Sunday, January 8, 2012

Biding My Time

The dreaded first post. I suppose I should start with some cliched prose about the beginning of journeys and the hoisting of sails and whathaveyou. Trouble is this isn't actually the beginning for me so much as the final realization of weeks of debate with myself (and losing, naturally; perhaps I should get that checked out). I don't usually enjoy writing but... do what you gotta do, eh?

So... Not a journey then. Perhaps a game? Games are made for amusement after all, and I'm sure someone somewhere will find this absolutely hilarious in hindsight. Even if I don't.

But I'm getting ahead of myself of course! Perhaps I should begin with an introduction.
My name is <REDACTED>, not that it's important, and I'd prefer the Dear Reader didn't abuse it too much. I live in a galaxy known to humans as the Milky Way, orbiting a star called the Sun by its closest sentient appraisers, on a planet called Earth, on a landmass floating over water called a continent, in a primarily English-speaking country. That oughta narrow it down shouldn't it?
...Don't look at me like that's overdone even then we both know it is. (But so is starting with an introduction!) More specific? Fine, be that way. The continent's name ends with a vowel.

Skipping right to the point, I've seen the figure many of you refer to as The Construct, The Operator, Father/God, "Slendy", or one of my personal favorites I'm now stealing, Tall Pale and Faceless.
Got your attention now, haven't I? Good.
(To be honest, if I hadn't put that out there, I'd forget to. At least this way you can remind me when I do!)
More specifically, by this point I've seen him twice. Well... Twice that I can say for CERTAIN I saw using my eyeballs; technically more, depending on your thoughts on (His? Her? Its?... Zirlikschten? Yes I just made that up, like you never have.) existence in the minds of others. It all kind of blends together after a whileI'mramblingshutmeup. Oh wait no, I'm allowed to ramble here... This is already too much power for one man to have.
The appropriate follow-up to that statement feels like it should be an evil laugh. Alas, I lack the energy, go on without me perhaps another time.
That and evil laughter really doesn't translate to its fullest effect over the internet. Neither does sarcasm. Accents can though, ironically enough...

Right, lost my place, this is why I shouldn't ramble, where was I... Oh right, I wasn't anywhere. I have to make a place now. That place would be... this blog.
Huh. I am found now?
Well I suppose if you're reading this then the answer is yes... Oh right! Someone is reading this!



  1. Hello indeed, a very nice introduction post, I was amused. You know I wouldn't worry about sarcasam not translating, if people can't figure out that you're joking, then that just makes it more amusing.

    See you around

  2. Ha Ha, I like you. You seem a bit more pleasant than anybody involved in this RP thing. Plus you're a word musician if I ever saw one, so ramble all you want. Sometimes wish I knew how to put thoughts into words.