Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bureaucracy of The Blind

Can someone please explain to me how that is supposed to bloody work?

From what I understand (which I'm certain is flawed given that 'understanding' is a generous term for me), our mutual Tallish Friend appoints some 'Prophet' figure, who appoints various zealously-devoted members of the 'Cult' in authority positions running agencies that employ a group of stark-raving lunatics (and a few scattered examples of rational people who are exempt from my... whatever this is) who think they're killing in the name of a deific figure with ambiguous intentions.
Which, yes, explains all deific figures fairly accurately, I'm sure.

What I'd like to know: Why in the blazes would said stark-raving lunatics believe someone who claims to be said Prophet? Until recently I've been skeptical of anyone's ability to actually INTERPRET our mutual Tallish Friend's ANYTHING, much less intentions.
Until Bondie mentioned he could hear TPF. Whether that's different or not isn't my call. I'm working on my own theories about that, is all I can say.
Alright, maybe 'lunatics' is a little bit harsh. I can understand why a figure who causes the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the dead to rise and the very laws of reality to be torn asunder on a small scale (all, mind, just by proximity) would lead one to that assumption. I choose to remain skeptical, and it's prejudiced of me to resort to insults. I'm sorry.
But let's face it, all of THIS confusion just to kill people for no discernible end? Which will likely end in the deaths of EVERYONE involved, not just the Runners and Fighters?

The only way that would make sense, on a human level- if it really is run by humans, and ignoring the Obvious One- is if you were insane.

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