Saturday, May 5, 2012


Stroke of brilliance.

In reverse.

Think about it. REALLY think about it.

Our mutual Tallish Friend can be repelled by music- "showtunes" according to the original source, although I wouldn't put it past 'The Construct' to be indiscriminate.

What happens if you turn it around?

No, I'm not saying "playing music backwards reverses the effect and attracts HHIZ attention" or whatever. It's still soundwaves, so it'll likely produce similar effects from that factor alone, and to say it'll do the exact opposite would be childish. Nor am I saying it'll produce a drastic increase in effect that would completely obliterate the entity in question.

But if our mutual Tallish Friend is a 'Tulpa' or some kind of telepathic entity, then what we know matters- if it didn't matter, perception filters wouldn't exist, no?
Well, we know what the music sounds like right-way-forwards, so what would happen if we deployed THAT variable? Caused two frequencies to be sent simultaneously, one auditory and one from recall, trick 'The Construct' into believing we don't hear what it does?
How would Tall Pale and Faceless react?

I'm not saying I know. I'm specifically saying I don't know.
But it's worth a try, no?

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  1. Let me know how this goes for you, Giles....I think showtunes just irk the bastard.